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 The Rules ;)

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The Rules ;) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules ;)   The Rules ;) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 7:06 am

Rules of the forum.

I'd like to think these rules aren't too strict and this forum provides freedom of thought and speech. Therefore there will not be too many rules; any rules we do have will purely be make your experience on this forum better. Any issues or queries you may have about any of them, feel free to ask me.

1. No antagonizing other members under any circumstances. Any behaviour such as this will be punished.

2. If you have any problems with a post made by a fellow member; or a decision made by someone in power let one of the moderators/admin know. We will try our best to resolve it. But please make sure not to leave harsh posts in any topic voicing your concern. This will cause upset, therefore I would prefer you to pm someone about it. There's no use getting everyone involved in a big argument.

3. You may have as many as 5 characters per account. Your characters will be monitored. If you are thought to be god-modding, you may have characters taken from you.

4. Characters do not simply have to be ninja. You may be a simple civilian, or teacher etc.
Creativity is key to having a fun roleplay experience.
If a clan is extinct in the Naruto universe, then they are also extinct on this site. If something happened that wiped out and entire clan, but you want your character to have survived that, you're probably God modding. I'm not cool with that.

5. Please do not roleplay until your character is approved by one of our moderators/admin.

6. Please do not make it so your character or their jutsu/equipment is uber powerful. Be reasonable with your creations.

7. If you have any ideas on how to improve the forum, or any major issues with how the site is run please create a topic in the suggestions forum giving us your ideas. They will then be discussed by the whole forum and decisions will be made democratically.

Overall, just try to have fun and don't take everything too seriously. clown
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The Rules ;)
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