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 The twins - WIP

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PostSubject: The twins - WIP   The twins - WIP Icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2017 1:07 pm

Name: Mori and Reina Sayomi

Age: 27
Birthday: October 31st

Gender: Female

Appearance: Twins, vastly different from one another as a result of a ritual before and during birth. One twin is nymph like in appearance and nature, the other solemn and unkempt.


Rank: (You can leave this blank and let admins/moderators decide if you want to. ) Special Jounin and unranked/missing nin

Village: Nadeshiko Village - relocated to Kiri and Konoha, respectively

Element: Kekkai Genkai - see creation

Mori -

Reina -


Reina -

History: Within the traditions of the women of Nadeshiko village, the girls mother left the village and went travelling to find a man strong enough to fight her. The mother held a bloodline trait of 'Thorn' release and such was a powerful opponent. After years of searching and many fights with potential suitors, she eventually met a man in Iwagakure who held a bloodline limit of 'Inferno' style, allowing the user to manipulate the earth's core to their advantage, similar to the thorn release she held.

RP Sample:
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The twins - WIP
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