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 Forming Teams.

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Forming Teams. Empty
PostSubject: Forming Teams.   Forming Teams. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 24, 2010 4:31 am

Hey Smile
Right, so if you want to form a team just go ahead and post here. If you do not have a Jounin or higher character and just wish to find a few more people who also wish to be part of a team post something talking about wanting to be part of a team. Then members of the forum can post in your topic disscussing the team and one can be sorted out.
If you have a Jounin or higher character post something about looking for team members and what kind of team you wish to have; for instance you may be looking for people with characters that are skilled in a particular feild. Once you have finished discussing and deciding who shall be in the team, and there are 4 members including one Jounin or higher fill out these details;

Name/Number of team:

Members of Team:


Aim/reason for team: (i.e they are a team specifically sent on tracking missions?, they are a special ANBU squad which plan on infiltrating somewhere? or maybe they're just a regular team, up to creative XD)

Strengths of each member:

Once you have filled out these details a admin/moderator will check it out and make sure the teams ok with us. Not meant as trying to control everything you do, just if we feel there might be any conflict between members that could cause problems or you're being a bit far-fetched with you aims for the team we can let you know.
Have Fun <3
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Forming Teams.
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